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Mobility Assistance Service Dogs

Our Mobility Service dogs will come fully trained at 1.5-2 years old. This training is totaled at $16,000 or $100 a month with a down deposit of $1,600.

So what is the pairing process? We meet and do a meeting with your dog to see if they're a good fit! You will train together with a trainer once a day for 1 week to ensure you are able to handle the dog and get used to their commands.

From there you will take a public access test and the AKC CGC. Once passed, you will receive a fully trained program vest with our logo and a certificate of training! Once a fully graduated team you'll only have to do a virtual check in every 6 months, and a retest of the public access test yearly.

Potential task list:

-Deep/ Light/ Tactile pressure therapy.

-Retrieve named items (Medication, water bottles, mobility aids, ect).

-Light guide.   -Light forward momentum. 

 -Light counterbalance.

-Open doors using tugs and buttons.   -Close doors using nose or body. 

-Turning on/off light switches.   -Assist in untying shoes. 

 -Assist in undressing.   -Push alert button.

 -Other, for potential inquired tasks please contact a WTKK9Training representative to ensure we can fulfill this option. 

We encourage all handlers to research what tasks would fit best to their needs!

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