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Medical Alert* & Response Service Dogs

*Though we have had success with dogs naturally picking up medical alerts through scent markers and/or physical indicators, we do not actively sell dogs as alert dogs. These dogs are primarily response dogs unless specified otherwise. It is important to note that no dog should replace implemented equipment due to the fact that missed alerts are an active known variable.* 


Our Medical Service dogs will come fully trained at 1.5-2 years old. This training is totaled at $18,000 or $100 a month with a down deposit of $1,800.

So what is the pairing process? We meet and do a meeting with your dog to see if they're a good fit! You will train together with a trainer once a day for 1 week to ensure you are able to handle the dog and get used to their commands.

From there you will take a public access test and the AKC CGC. Once passed, you will receive a fully trained program vest with our logo and a certificate of training! Once a fully graduated team you'll only have to do a virtual check in every 6 months, and a retest of the public access test yearly.

Potential task list:

-Medical alert*   -Deep/ Light/ Tactile pressure therapy.

-Retrieve named items (Medication, water bottles, monitors, ect).

-Support head.   -Elevate legs.   -Push alert button.

-Lick at face/hands on command.   -Medication reminders. 

 -Other, for potential inquired tasks please contact a WTKK9Training representative to ensure we can fulfill this option. 

We encourage all handlers to research what tasks would fit best to their needs!

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