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Finished Service dogs

Our finished service dogs will train once a week for upwards of 6 months - 1 year. This training is totaled at $3,000-$,4,000 or a minimum of $100 a month with a down deposit of $200 to save your spot in class as they fill up quick!

So what is the training process? From step one, we meet and do a free evaluation on your dog to see if they have the temperament, structure, and drive for this work! From there we will begin weekly training classes, some private, some with other dogs in your class, and some virtual! You will be granted an in training program vest with our logo and train with the pup until you, as a team, are ready to graduate!


From there you will take a public access test and the AKC CGC. Once passed, you will receive a fully trained program vest with our logo and a certificate of training! Once a fully graduated team you'll only have to do a virtual check in every 6 months, and a retest of the public access test yearly! You'll be granted a lifetime guarantee of training advice, meet-ups, and retraining need-be!​

We encourage all handlers to research what tasks would fit best to their needs!

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